Gancedo wineries in the Spanish Association of Wine Tourism

The Spanish Association of wine tourism and gastronomic tourism

Spanish Association of Wine Tourism

A step forward: Wineries Gancedo and belongs to the Spanish Association of wine tourism which has as its mission to position Spain as regards wine tourism and gastronomy.

The Association has the task of communicating the values ​​and possibilities of this market to all its members: customers, suppliers, public and private, domestic and foreign institutions and media.

This Association was founded with the strong vocation of bringing together all agencies brokerage sector, to contribute to the regulation and development.

At the moment, we are reforming the area of ​​access to the winery, creating a space for receiving visitors and exhibition areas, where you can show professionals and the general public making their wines and tasting them. We intend to reach out more directly to the customer by encouraging our good work by getting the highest quality in all production processes we cover, in a sustainable way, always respecting the environment in which the winery is located, firmly committed to wine tourism as a way to attract tourists to the region of Bierzo and promoting wine culture.

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